$GTAI Token and it's Utilities

The $GTAI token is an essential part of the GT ecosystem.

  • Profit Fee Discounts

  • Transational&Trading fee Discounts

  • Vendor Fees for API&SDK: Charging fees for API&SDK installation, subscription, and transactional operations

  • Web3 Funds Creation and Listing Fees: Implementing fees for creating Web3 funds and listing them in the marketplace

  • Cashback Payouts: Cashback payouts in $GTAI tokens when using AI shopping assistance

  • Eligibility for DAO Voting: Granting eligibility to participate in DAO votings

  • Purchase special GT NFT passes, which grant you 0% fee access to GT products.

  • Holding $GTAI tokens allows you to participate in GT DAO governance votes, influencing the future strategy and development of the GT ecosystem.

  • you can stake $GTAI tokens to earn staking rewards.

  • Earn $GTAI tokens by providing your account data for GT AI model learning while using the GT App and GT products.

  • By being an active member of the GT Community, you can earn $GTAI tokens by taking part in our marketing contests and trading competitions.

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