🔥Life Session on Youtube with Vlad Balaban on 3rd of March

The YouTube Live Session with Vlad Balaban was enlightening and showcased spirited community participation.

Rewards distribution:

1) 25 random winners receive $25 each for quoting and retweeting this post & following @GT_Protocol

2) 5 winners receive $100 each during the live stream.

3) 5 top winners receive $100 each for filling out the "Learn to Earn" form, which will go live after the session.

Reward claim instructions:

  1. Rewards Distribution During Live Session: If you participated in a live session of the event or program, any rewards you earned during this session have already been distributed.

  2. Rewards for "Learn to Earn" Form: the rewards for completing this form have also been distributed.

  3. Claiming Rewards for Random Winners:

    • If you are one of the 25 random winners, congratulations! You have a $25 reward waiting for you.

    • We have contacted the winners through direct messages (DM) and asked for their wallet addresses. If your DM is open, your reward has been distributed to you.

    • However, if your DM was closed, please direct message us from the same profile you used to participate in the event, and provide your wallet address. This is necessary for verification purposes to ensure that the reward goes to the rightful participant.

Please contact our support team via Telegram @GT_App_RobertCS only if you have any technical issues with contacting us via X DM.

If your X account is suspended, you will not be able to claim your reward due to the inability to verify your eligibility.

Random winners list:

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