GT Protocol Ecosystem

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people connect with and interact within the blockchain and crypto markets. To achieve this, we offer a range of exceptional features designed to enhance your crypto journey experience. Discover the power of GT Protocol and elevate your crypto journey to new heights.

Blockchain AI Execution Technology:

AI execution technology enables the execution of any trade, swap, or NFT investment command on centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and NFT platforms simply by sending a text prompt or even a voice message to our AI model. The purpose of this technology is to simplify and make the process of crypto investment and trading accessible for Web 2.0 users while also improving the UI/UX experience for professional Web3 users:

- AI buy/sell/swap/trade commands execution

- AI portfolio management

- AI-powered automated trading

- A deep AI off-chain and on-chain market analysis

- AI trading signals

- AI arbitrage trading

- AI NFT management

- AI-powered shopping assistance

- AI-powered Web3 onboarding and education

Interact with the blockchain, CeFi, DeFi, and NFT crypto markets using the AI-powered conversational interface. Ask GT AI to buy crypto assets, invest in crypto startups/NFT/MetaVerse, manage algorithmic trading strategies, or do deep off-chain and on-chain AI analysis. All of these tasks can be done simply by sending a text or voice message, making it as easy as talking to a friend. Access GT AI for convenient management of your crypto portfolio, whether you're on vacation, at sports training, driving, attending a party, or spending time with your family. Don't miss any opportunities and receive automated reports directly on your mobile device.

Investment protocol for Web3 decentralized funds management:

The investment protocol enables fund managers, hedge funds, venture capitalists, and professional traders to raise and manage liquidity of investors by creating smart contract-based funds. Our technology facilitates the secure management of this liquidity without permission to withdraw or misuse it.

For investors, this technology offers a secure way to provide liquidity and invest in CeFi/DeFi/NFT investment strategies without the risk of their funds being stolen or subjected to rug pulls.

GT Protocol API SDK:

The GT Protocol API SDK enables third parties to incorporate GT Protocol solutions, such as GT AI Execution technology and GT Web3 decentralized funds, into their interfaces.

AI execution technology could be connected to the functionality of the vendor's Web2 or Web3 platform, providing AI assistance for navigation within a vendor's app and making app’s functionality accessible to users through an AI interface.

The AI interface can also provide the vendor app's users with functionality for crypto investment in CeFi, DeFi, NFTs, AI trading, AI crypto market analysis, and many other features.

GT Web3 decentralized funds can be integrated in two ways:

Vendors have the option to integrate ready-to-invest Web3 pools that have undergone the GT App team's due diligence and are already listed on the marketplace. This approach allows vendors to offer their communities the opportunity to invest in the best CeFi, DeFi, NFT investment options available in the crypto market.

Another use case allows vendors to leverage Web3 ecentralized funds technology to create their own secure, smart-contract-based funds, or to offer this capability to their users. This strategy enables vendors to establish their own Web3 investment marketplaces within their platforms

To integrate the GT Protocol API SDK into their platforms, vendors are required to pay a setup fee in $GTAI tokens. Alternatively, transactional fees from each user's transactions can be deducted and used for $GTAI swap transactions on AMM platforms.


Explore the future of crypto finance with control and ease at your fingertips in the GT APP, your gateway to the world of crypto trading&investing:

- CeFi, DeFi, NFT crypto investment marketplace for investors

- Web3 investment funds management for funds managers

- AI&Algo trading instruments for traders

Use GT App to access the most profitable and risk-managed investment instruments in the crypto market. Integration with CeFi exchanges, DeFi platforms, and NFT Marketplaces allows you to execute deals, run strategies, or buy assets on any of them. AI conversational commands will be automatically executed by the powerful GT Deal Execution & Task Management Back-End Application. You can create your own custom strategies/pools and list them in the marketplace, making them accessible to other user who can then join to provide liquidity, allowing you to cooperate with them in a transparent profit-sharing model, making your collaboration a win-win for both sides.


Use GT AI to serve you, save time, and make your life easier. GT AI will assist you with hotel/restaurant/flight tickets bookings, and making your online purchases, helping you find the highest quality products at the best prices and delivery terms. Seize the opportunity to receive crypto cashback in $GTAI tokens and use GT AI to reinvest your earned crypto cashback to grow your crypto portfolio. Additionally, receive tips and crypto education at every step, as the educational assistance is tailored to your level of knowledge and expertise. In 2022 alone, over 2.3 billion unique individuals made online purchases worldwide. At GT Protocol, we aim to onboard 100 million users to our ecosystem within the next four years.

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