• What is the GT Protocol and the GT Ecosystem?

    The GT (Global Traders) Ecosystem is a suite of products designed for investment in cryptocurrency through CeFi, DeFi, MetaVerse, and NFT markets. Our goal is to onboard newcomers and offer them a seamless onboarding experience.

  • What products are part of the GT Ecosystem?

    The GT Ecosystem includes: - AI conversational interface for blockchain - Web3.0 Investment pools - AI auto-trading strategies and copy Trading marketplace - And many other crypto investment instruments available in GT App.

  • Has the product been launched?

    Yes, our trading&investment platform is already live. We've provided access to over 50,000 registered users. The team is also developing an AI conversational interface, which will enable users to invest in cryptocurrency and manage their portfolios simply by sending text or voice commands — as easy as talking to a friend.

  • How can I purchase the $GTAI token? When is the TGE?

    The $GTAI token is a central component of the ecosystem, offering various utilities within GT products in GT App. If you're representing a VC and wish to contribute to the Seed or Private $GTAI sale, please contact us by filling out the contact form. If you're a retail customer, you can purchase the $GTAI token during the Public $GTAI sale. All details, schedules, and announcements related to the sale will be posted on our social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram Group, Medium). We recommend following our social channels for updates.

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