🔥$GTAI listing on a new CEX just in 1 week giveaway


Rewards distribution:

1) All winners who quote-retweeted the post and left a comment below it will recieve a fare-share of $10,000 prize pool.

2) The number of winners is 85, which comes to a sum of 117$ for each winner.

Reward claim instructions:

Please direct message us from the same X profile you used to participate in the event, and provide your BEP-20 wallet address. This is necessary for verification purposes to ensure that the reward goes to the rightful participant.

Please make sure to provide your details withing 7 days (till 29th of May).

Please contact our support team via Telegram @GT_App_RobertCS only if you have any technical issues with contacting us via X DM.

If your X account is suspended, you will not be able to claim your reward due to the inability to verify your eligibility.

Winners list

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