Buy $GTAI using a credit card through P2P

P2P transfers (peer-to-peer or person-to-person) are money transfers from one user to another without intermediaries.

  1. To get started, we need to buy USDT cryptocurrency, which we can later exchange for GTAI tokens. Click on 'Buy Crypto' -> 'P2P Trading' in the top left corner of the navigation panel to access the P2P trading page.

  1. On the 'Buy' page, you can filter users who have placed advertisements by entering specific criteria for the amount, currency, or payment methods based on your transaction needs.

  • In the first column 'Advertiser' the user's nickname who placed the advertisement is displayed. The columns 'Order(s)' and '%' show:

    • The number of orders made in the last 30 days.

    • The percentage of completed orders in the last 30 days.

  • In the 'Limits' column, users who have placed advertisements specify the minimum and maximum limits in fiat currency for each advertisement.

  • In the 'Payment Method' column, you can see all supported payment methods for the advertisement you've selected.

Choose your preferred advertisement and click 'Buy USDT'.

  1. Once more, please double-check the information before placing your order and read the terms of the transaction with the seller. Enter the amount you want to pay for the purchase of USDT (which will be exchanged for GTAI later). You will see the amount in USDT currency that you will receive in the next line . Click 'BUY' to proceed.

You will be redirected to the order page where you will have 15 minutes to transfer the money to the seller's bank account. Before proceeding, ensure that all the order details are correct.

  • The name on the bank account must match your registered name on Bybit. Otherwise, the user who placed the advertisement may cancel the order and refund the money.

  • Bybit's P2P does not charge transaction fees to buyers or sellers. However, depending on the chosen payment method, the payment service provider may charge a fee.

  1. If the seller supports multiple payment methods, choose one of them, copy the payment details , and make the payment through your bank's app. Please note that there is a timer at the top showing the remaining time.

If you have any questions, you can use the live chat window to communicate with the seller in real-time.

Click on 'Payment Completed' after completing the payment.

  1. After the USDT you purchased has been successfully sent by the seller, you can click 'View My Assets' to view them along with your transaction history.

If the seller doesn't send the coins within 10 minutes, you can click on 'Submit Appeal.' Bybit's support team will contact you. During this period, please do not cancel the order until you receive a refund from the seller.

  1. Switch to the 'Crypto' tab, and you will see that USDT has been successfully credited!

  1. To prepare for your purchase, first transfer your USDT from your 'Funding' account to your 'Unified Trading' account. To do this, in the USDT currency row on the right, click on 'Transfer'. Choose to send from 'Funding' to 'Unified Trading', as shown in the screenshot. Enter the transfer amount or select the entire amount. Confirm the transfer with the 'Confirm' button.

  1. After this, you will be able to see your USDT in the 'Unified Trading' section. On the top panel, select the 'Trade' section and click on 'Spot Trading'.

  1. Find 'GTAI' in the cryptocurrency search bar. Enter the amount in USDT that you want to buy GTAI tokens for. In the 'Qty' row, you will see the amount of GTAI tokens you will receive after purchasing the selected amount (you can also first specify the desired amount of GTAI and see the USDT amount you will need to pay). In the 'Order price', you can see the current token price. Double-check all the entered information and click the green 'Buy GTAI' button.

  1. Next, a popup window will appear. Verify the details and click the 'Buy GTAI' button.

  1. To see the details of your purchase, click on the 'Order history' button.

  1. To check your account, go to the 'Assets' section and select 'Unified Trading Account.'

  1. In this section, you will see all the available cryptocurrencies, including the recently purchased GTAI.

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