Buy $GTAI with One-Click Credit Card Purchase

  1. Open the 'One-Click Buy' page by clicking on 'More' → 'Buy Crypto' → 'One-Click Buy'.

  1. Choose the currency of your bank card and GTAI token. Enter the amount you want to purchase GTAI tokens for and click on the 'Next' button.

  1. Choose the payment method that suits you best. In this guide, we will explain how to buy GTAI with a bank card. Select 'Bank Card' and click on 'Buy with EUR'.

  1. The information window will list the bank cards supported by One-Click Buy. Before adding your card details, please make sure that your bank card is supported, and close this window.

  1. Fill in your card details, then click on the checkbox below to agree to the terms, and press the 'Continue' button.

  1. Please ensure that the data you have entered is correct, and then press 'Confirm' to confirm your order.

  1. At the next stage, the card payment process will begin. You may be asked to enter a one-time password or confirm the transaction in your bank's app. GTAI tokens will be credited to your account immediately after the purchase is completed.

  2. To view your order history, click on the 'Order' icon in the top right corner for more detailed information.

Congratulations on your successful purchase! 🎉

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